Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to fund the next phase of this project. Beginning in 2012, instruments are being recorded at 24/96 with three mics for mono and stereo files that are archived into Zip files. For online listening, these notes are also organized into 16/44.1 chromatic scale files. Each instrument in the collection will be re-recorded with a variety of articulations, legato, glissandi, multiphonics, extended techniques, and in combination with other instruments. New instruments, such as the recently added guitar, will also be recorded. These freely available recordings have been used by countless musicians and in over 270 research papers. When making a donation, please write "Electronic Music Studios" in the comments field.
















Steinway & Sons model B

Evan Mazunik

November 5 & 27, 2001

2017 Voxman Music Building

Michael Cash

Left mic 8" above center bass strings

Right mic 8" above center treble strings

Neumann KM 84

Mackie 1402-VLZ

Panasonic SV-3800 DAT

16-bit, 44.1 kHz, stereo

stereo, non-anechoic recording

Piano.pp.Bb0.aiff (6.0mb)

Piano.pp.B0.aiff (5.7mb)

Piano.pp.C1.aiff (5.6mb)

Piano.pp.Db1.aiff (5.5mb)

Piano.pp.D1.aiff (6.5mb)

Piano.pp.Eb1.aiff (5.6mb)

Piano.pp.E1.aiff (5.8mb)

Piano.pp.F1.aiff (6.2mb)

Piano.pp.Gb1.aiff (7.3mb)

Piano.pp.G1.aiff (8.3mb)

Piano.pp.Ab1.aiff (6.7mb)

Piano.pp.A1.aiff (5.8mb)

Piano.pp.Bb1.aiff (7.2mb)

Piano.pp.B1.aiff (6.7mb)

Piano.pp.C2.aiff (7.9mb)

Piano.pp.Db2.aiff (6.6mb)

Piano.pp.D2.aiff (7.0mb)

Piano.pp.Eb2.aiff (7.5mb)

Piano.pp.E2.aiff (7.0mb)

Piano.pp.F2.aiff (5.6mb)

Piano.pp.Gb2.aiff (6.2mb)

Piano.pp.G2.aiff (6.1mb)

Piano.pp.Ab2.aiff (7.1mb)

Piano.pp.A2.aiff (6.2mb)

Piano.pp.Bb2.aiff (4.6mb)

Piano.pp.B2.aiff (6.5mb)

Piano.pp.C3.aiff (6.5mb)

Piano.pp.Db3.aiff (4.9mb)

Piano.pp.D3.aiff (6.1mb)

Piano.pp.Eb3.aiff (6.1mb)

Piano.pp.E3.aiff (6.1mb)

Piano.pp.F3.aiff (5.9mb)

Piano.pp.Gb3.aiff (6.3mb)

Piano.pp.G3.aiff (6.0mb)

Piano.pp.Ab3.aiff (6.3mb)

Piano.pp.A3.aiff (6.2mb)

Piano.pp.Bb3.aiff (5.7mb)

Piano.pp.B3.aiff (5.4mb)

Piano.pp.C4.aiff (4.9mb)

Piano.pp.Db4.aiff (6.1mb)

Piano.pp.D4.aiff (4.6mb)

Piano.pp.Eb4.aiff (5.3mb)

Piano.pp.E4.aiff (4.9mb)

Piano.pp.F4.aiff (4.0mb)

Piano.pp.Gb4.aiff (4.1mb)

Piano.pp.G4.aiff (4.3mb)

Piano.pp.Ab4.aiff (4.3mb)

Piano.pp.A4.aiff (3.7mb)

Piano.pp.Bb4.aiff (3.7mb)

Piano.pp.B4.aiff (4.1mb)

Piano.pp.C5.aiff (3.8mb)

Piano.pp.Db5.aiff (3.9mb)

Piano.pp.D5.aiff (3.1mb)

Piano.pp.Eb5.aiff (3.7mb)

Piano.pp.E5.aiff (3.7mb)

Piano.pp.F5.aiff (3.8mb)

Piano.pp.Gb5.aiff (3.6mb)

Piano.pp.G5.aiff (3.7mb)

Piano.pp.Ab5.aiff (3.7mb)

Piano.pp.A5.aiff (3.4mb)

Piano.pp.Bb5.aiff (2.8mb)

Piano.pp.B5.aiff (3.3mb)

Piano.pp.C6.aiff (2.3mb)

Piano.pp.Db6.aiff (2.2mb)

Piano.pp.D6.aiff (2.2mb)

Piano.pp.Eb6.aiff (2.1mb)

Piano.pp.E6.aiff (2.2mb)

Piano.pp.F6.aiff (1.5mb)

Piano.pp.Gb6.aiff (2.0mb)

Piano.pp.G6.aiff (2.2mb)

Piano.pp.Ab6.aiff (1.9mb)

Piano.pp.A6.aiff (1.6mb)

Piano.pp.Bb6.aiff (1.5mb)

Piano.pp.B6.aiff (2.0mb)

Piano.pp.C7.aiff (1.7mb)

Piano.pp.Db7.aiff (1.4mb)

Piano.pp.D7.aiff (1.5mb)

Piano.pp.Eb7.aiff (1.2mb)

Piano.pp.E7.aiff (1.5mb)

Piano.pp.F7.aiff (1.8mb)

Piano.pp.Gb7.aiff (1.3mb)

Piano.pp.G7.aiff (1.4mb)

Piano.pp.Ab7.aiff (1.1mb)

Piano.pp.A7.aiff (1.2mb)

Piano.pp.Bb7.aiff (1.1mb)

Piano.pp.B7.aiff (1.2mb)

Piano.pp.C8.aiff (1.1mb) (5.3mb) (5.7mb) (6.0mb) (7.7mb) (7.3mb) (7.4mb) (7.9mb) (10.6mb) (9.6mb) (9.2mb) (9.3mb) (9.4mb) (8.9mb) (8.6mb) (12.4mb) (9.5mb) (9.3mb) (8.8mb) (8.7mb) (7.3mb) (6.7mb) (7.3mb) (6.6mb) (7.2mb) (7.8mb) (6.9mb) (6.8mb) (7.4mb) (7.3mb) (5.6mb) (5.5mb) (6.4mb) (5.8mb) (6.5mb) (5.4mb) (6.0mb) (6.0mb) (5.2mb) (4.9mb) (4.9mb) (4.9mb) (4.9mb) (4.7mb) (4.1mb) (5.3mb) (4.3mb) (5.0mb) (4.3mb) (5.7mb) (4.1mb) (3.6mb) (3.7mb) (4.5mb) (4.4mb) (3.0mb) (3.1mb) (3.3mb) (2.5mb) (2.6mb) (3.1mb) (2.1mb) (2.8mb) (2.5mb) (2.5mb) (2.5mb) (2.3mb) (2.1mb) (2.3mb) (2.3mb) (2.0mb) (2.2mb) (2.5mb) (2.0mb) (1.8mb) (1.6mb) (1.4mb) (1.3mb) (1.6mb) (1.4mb) (1.3mb) (1.5mb) (1.4mb) (1.3mb) (1.2mb) (1.3mb) (1.8mb)

Piano.ff.A0.aiff (9.0mb)

Piano.ff.Bb0.aiff (9.4mb)

Piano.ff.B0.aiff (9.2mb)

Piano.ff.C1.aiff (8.4mb)

Piano.ff.Db1.aiff (9.4mb)

Piano.ff.D1.aiff (9.3mb)

Piano.ff.Eb1.aiff (9.7mb)

Piano.ff.E1.aiff (9.2mb)

Piano.ff.F1.aiff (10mb)

Piano.ff.Gb1.aiff (12.9mb)

Piano.ff.G1.aiff (11.2mb)

Piano.ff.Ab1.aiff (9.7mb)

Piano.ff.A1.aiff (10mb)

Piano.ff.Bb1.aiff (10.5mb)

Piano.ff.B1.aiff (12.9mb)

Piano.ff.C2.aiff (8.8mb)

Piano.ff.Db2.aiff (11.1mb)

Piano.ff.D2.aiff (9.7mb)

Piano.ff.Eb2.aiff (9.6mb)

Piano.ff.E2.aiff (9.5mb)

Piano.ff.F2.aiff (8.3mb)

Piano.ff.Gb2.aiff (7.9mb)

Piano.ff.G2.aiff (7.8mb)

Piano.ff.Ab2.aiff (7.7mb)

Piano.ff.A2.aiff (7.7mb)

Piano.ff.Bb2.aiff (8.6mb)

Piano.ff.B2.aiff (8.7mb)

Piano.ff.C3.aiff (7.6mb)

Piano.ff.Db3.aiff (7.7mb)

Piano.ff.D3.aiff (7.6mb)

Piano.ff.Eb3.aiff (8.1mb)

Piano.ff.E3.aiff (8.0mb)

Piano.ff.F3.aiff (7.6mb)

Piano.ff.Gb3.aiff (8.2mb)

Piano.ff.G3.aiff (6.3mb)

Piano.ff.Ab3.aiff (7.2mb)

Piano.ff.A3.aiff (7.2mb)

Piano.ff.Bb3.aiff (6.4mb)

Piano.ff.B3.aiff (9.1mb)

Piano.ff.C4.aiff (6.0mb)

Piano.ff.Db4.aiff (6.4mb)

Piano.ff.D4.aiff (6.0mb)

Piano.ff.Eb4.aiff (6.6mb)

Piano.ff.E4.aiff (7.9mb)

Piano.ff.F4.aiff (7.3mb)

Piano.ff.Gb4.aiff (5.9mb)

Piano.ff.G4.aiff (6.3mb)

Piano.ff.Ab4.aiff (6.1mb)

Piano.ff.A4.aiff (5.7mb)

Piano.ff.Bb4.aiff (5.0mb)

Piano.ff.B4.aiff (6.0mb)

Piano.ff.C5.aiff (6.1mb)

Piano.ff.Db5.aiff (5.1mb)

Piano.ff.D5.aiff (5.1mb)

Piano.ff.Eb5.aiff (5.1mb)

Piano.ff.E5.aiff (5.4mb)

Piano.ff.F5.aiff (4.9Mb)

Piano.ff.Gb5.aiff (4.4mb)

Piano.ff.G5.aiff (4.9mb)

Piano.ff.Ab5.aiff (4.2mb)

Piano.ff.A5.aiff (3.8mb)

Piano.ff.Bb5.aiff (3.5mb)

Piano.ff.B5.aiff (5.7mb)

Piano.ff.C6.aiff (3.9mb)

Piano.ff.Db6.aiff (3.3mb)

Piano.ff.D6.aiff (3.5mb)

Piano.ff.Eb6.aiff (2.9mb)

Piano.ff.E6.aiff (3.2mb)

Piano.ff.F6.aiff (2.6mb)

Piano.ff.Gb6.aiff (2.7mb)

Piano.ff.G6.aiff (2.5mb)

Piano.ff.Ab6.aiff (2.8mb)

Piano.ff.A6.aiff (2.3mb)

Piano.ff.Bb6.aiff (2.5mb)

Piano.ff.B6.aiff (2.5mb)

Piano.ff.C7.aiff (2.2mb)

Piano.ff.Db7.aiff (2.0mb)

Piano.ff.D7.aiff (2.3mb)

Piano.ff.Eb7.aiff (2.2mb)

Piano.ff.E7.aiff (2.3mb)

Piano.ff.F7.aiff (2.2mb)

Piano.ff.Gb7.aiff (2.3mb)

Piano.ff.G7.aiff (2.1mb)

Piano.ff.Ab7.aiff (2.2mb)

Piano.ff.A7.aiff (2.2mb)

Piano.ff.Bb7.aiff (1.9mb)

Piano.ff.B7.aiff (2.2mb)

Piano.ff.C8.aiff (1.5mb)

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