Balance, by Shane Hoose

Bent, by Matt Dotson

Bricolage (1979), by Peter Tod Lewis

Counterweight, by Israel Neuman

A Driving Figure, by Jonathan Wilson, choreographed by Victoria Lawrence

Fugitive Yellow Shirt, by Zach Zubow

Happy Time, by Jason Gregory

Interview with Peter Elsea and Veronica Voss Elsea, by Jonathan Wilson

Life-Drawing, by Lawrence Fritts

Mappaemundi, by Lawrence Fritts and Sue Hettmansperger

Mouthpiece II (1992), by Kenneth Gaburo

Nebulae, by Zach Zubow

Numbers, by Jason Gregory

Organic Machinations, by Joseph Norman

Patchwork Pants, by Zach Zubow

Scaturient, by Bernard Short

Textures in a Gradient Landscape, by Jonathan Wilson

Triggers, by Israel Neuman

Wood Metal Hair, by Paul Duffy


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